What’s your #1 weapon of your Gym?

What’s your #1 weapon of your Gym?

The lies you believe as a Gym Owner are putting the growth and security of your fitness business at risk.

In today's hypercompetitive market, retailers, business owners and freelancers are forced to fight the crazy price war.

By now there is no sector, not even the most innovative, that is completely free of competition.

So how can you stop elbowing to get noticed, step over competitors and stand out from the crowd?

Your main weapon - which is often overlooked - is POSITIONING.

Probably so far you have tried to promote your Gym on your own or you have put yourself in the hands of some web agency, but all this has not brought results. And you just wasted time and money.

The reason is simple. No one has ever explained to you HOW you have to do marketing and what’s the NUMBER 1 secret you have to know before doing any kind of marketing activities!

And no, you don't need a degree.

The university does NOT teach the most useful concepts for SMEs, but focuses on training and turning out future employees who will occupy seats in large companies (when it is good) and who will decide how to best match the company budget in creative marketing campaigns and with return equal to zero.

Marketing is not something you can delegate to the outside or to some knowledgeable fresh graduate.

To win the price war, stand out in the current market and sell your products at higher prices ... you need to be well positioned on the Market.

Positioning is the first fragment of the broader marketing strategy that defines the brand’s ambition to Offer Something Unique Relative To Competing Brands for the benefit of the target customers.

Effective positioning creates the suitable image of the products in the targeted prospect’s mind, influencing their perception of the brand, the gym and the decisions to join.

It is the base for creating and maintaining differentiation in the marketplace.

Positioning starts with the products and services the gym offers. But the focus is not on the development and creation of the product and services itself.

It’s how to position services and products in the mind of the prospect.

If you want to learn more on how to communicate a straightforward, clearly defined explanation of the positioning premise you simply need a GUIDE.

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