Let me tell you a story worth 300.000€

Let me tell you a story worth 300.000€

At the beginning of 2000s I was enrolled in a degree course in human movement sciences. I didn’t know if it was exactly the right path for me but I know I had to do it as a part of me was convinced it was the right path to follow.

I started to work in a gym as a "trainer apprentice", in the morning I went to university, in the afternoon I was in the gym and at night I studied. It was not easy but I was convinced that

if only I could read a certain amount of books related to training I would one day be able to open the gym of my dreams and customers would come to fleets just to be coached by me, the new fitness guru.

The gym was frequented by many other instructors who perhaps knew as much as I or less. The owner had run gyms for perhaps 20 years before I arrived there and was a maniac of punctuality, cleaning and every year invested in new equipment.

The gym was pretty good, had a sort of organization dictated by a pure pragmatism of the owner who unfortunately did not offer guarantees of success but above all repeatability.

He knew, he was, he said, he was everything. If he had left, all his scaffolding would have collapsed.

In the small town, there were 5 more gyms with different courses, rooms and more or less qualified staff. No major center was present in the city, the owners and managers were all coaches or entrepreneurs who had put trainers inside to run the gym.

Everything seemed to go well until a BIG "NAME" ARRIVED IN TOWN with the claim to open a 3,000 square meters center with a subscription cost similar to the small clubs in the area, or even lower. The club belonged to a very famous chain of gyms and therefore had its great organization, its big brand and its advertising on a national scale.

The gym where I worked immediately began to lose customers from month to month until only the irreducible and the faithful remained. My Boss was going crazy and he was at his wit’s end.


  1. Billboards
  2. Leafleting
  3. Advertising on the radio
  4. Advertising in local televisions
  5. Lowered the prices hoping for an increase in the number of customers
  6. He changed trainers
  7. Hired more qualified people
  8. He changed the internal layout with the help of his architect friend who had never worked on a Gym
  9. He was duped by an Equipment Supplier
  10. He bought the latest breakthrough machines in terms of electronics and design.

He wanted to win the battle by using the same weapons as the enemy.

And what happened???

A new Gyms Chain arrived in town and his gym quickly goes down and down and down…..and down!

He wanted to win the battle by using the same weapons as the enemy and what happened then?

He closed after 1 year

He lost 300.000€ of turnover a year and much more due to liquidation of the Company

See, the problem is that you cannot do as others do to succeed.

The real problem of my former Boss was that of wanting to be the "one man show" but he doesn’t have the skills and even if he had the skills, probably was not the right choice to do.


  1. employed qualified personnel
  2. invested in equipment
  3. advertised

 but…….. he had no method.

The working method is a derivative of the business model you chose before opening your business and that you wrote and compiled with the help of an expert.

Doing business today is anything but improvisation.

It takes:

  • a plan
  • a guide
  • a project
  • you need to know how much it costs you
  • how impose yourself on the market
  • what are your key resources
  • how you intend to exploit them
  • what you propose to the public
  • what kind of experience you want to offer to your customer.

Trainers must have a guideline that starts with the positioning of your club, focusing on what you do and how you perform it in reality.

Even the new equipment is part of the same game. It is useless to buy new tools if you do not know how to market, I’m saying this against my interests if you wanted to buy only tools from me. I can just sell equipment to you but do not expect results if you do not have good people who follow you.

  • Advertising ... but what exactly do we talk about?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What do you want to advertise exactly? Classes of this or that? But others do it, too.
  • How should a Club be placed towards the ideal customer and what kind of offer should it give to his clients?

If you believe that advertising is still the right way then you have to change your way.

I’m going to reveal what’s magic poison that I have prepared for you and how can you be successful without experience the big loss my Boss has lost!

A little more patience and I will give you the solution…well, now you understand there’s no way to be successful if you do not have the right knowledge and the right Mentor that follow you along Your Roadmap to the success.

Most gym owners have no idea how to run a business, they just want to have a gym.

Unfortunately, we are used to thinking that if you are a good Trainer you can open a gym just because when customers will try your services they will be happy, satisfied and talk about your good quality and results you give them.

We all know that this doesn’t happen nowadays with so many gyms popping out. There are too many gyms to be noticed for our excellent quality.

Why this happen?

Because having a gym means manage a fitness business and if you want to do that you need to consider your gym as a real Company

  1. How could I differentiate myself and destroy my competitors?
  2. What kind of people do I want to work with on a daily basis?
  3. What’s my price strategy?
  4. How can attract more customers and maintain my current ones loyal?
  5. How can I train and educate my team without the risk of losing them?
  6. When I will get my money back
  7. How can I have the control on the numbers of my business?

Yes, I know, it’s not that easy, that’s why if you are only a great trainer you do not have the tools and the expertise to manage a Company.

If you’ve struggled to make a gym in the past, it’s not your fault. Without knowing what I’m about to share, you were fighting an uphill battle.

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