What is your definition of madness?

What is your definition of madness?

I don't know how old you are, or how long your gym has been standing, but I absolutely want you to think about a fundamental concept that could change the current situation of your business for the better or in any case avoid problems in the future.

If your gym is going badly, if the accounts don't add up, if you're in the red, you can't blame any scapegoat.

The responsibility is not the crisis, let alone the politicians and their uncomfortable laws.

At the same time, it makes no sense to be angry with yourself that you have not closed enough subscriptions this month.

You can't blame your misfortunes even on the supplier who completed the overdue renovation work ruining your timetable.

The fault is not of the customers who are selfish and capricious, let alone the too high taxes.

If things go wrong, the explanation is one and only one: you are doing something wrong.

Certainly unforeseen events happen from time to time, but a properly structured gym (and therefore a company) should resist any obstacle while remaining in surplus.

If your gym has been in the same situation for some time now, it means that something basic is missing.

Just as a fly keeps bumping into the glass thinking that sooner or later it will make it out, in the same way you continue to always implement the same strategies, hoping that your turnover will increase.

But based on what?

If the strategies you use have not brought results the first time you put them into practice, much less the hundredth and then the thousandth, then why should they work now?

Why should tomorrow's results be better than yesterday's if you continue to take advantage of the same bankruptcy strategy or good with limited results?

It would be folly to believe that you can change the result without changing the strategy.

Without changing the marketing that allows you to acquire more customers, or to sell more to those you already have.

We are talking about a series of concepts that you have to understand and stick to your head so that you can draw up a battle plan.

Because all the successful companies you know, whether large or small, certainly have a clear plan in mind and to achieve their goals they take 100% of all the most advanced marketing strategies they have available.

In short, studying Marketing is necessary in order to be able to finally implement the change you've always wanted for your gym.

The 6 Pillar of a Successful fitness business it’s a must-have book in order to clarify your mind and get a new input in your entrepreneur career: https://younix.lpages.co/6-pillars/

Really, I’m not kidding.

Would the topics covered in the book really be useful to you too?

Frankly, I can't tell you for sure.

Maybe they would allow you to get out of the retrograde mentality that is leading your company towards the abyss.

Maybe they would give you a way to apply a series of advanced marketing strategies that would lead your customers to spend more on your products and services.

But you haven't read the book. So we will never know.

Or maybe yes?

Do yourself a favor, open that f*king wallet and pay just the shipping expenses and get a copy:  https://younix.lpages.co/6-pillars/


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