Is hope the best marketing strategy?

Is hope the best marketing strategy?

One of the most powerful feelings that human beings have is hope.

People always hope that things can change, that the future holds new and beautiful surprises and that at a certain point the wheel starts to turn for them too.

Even when everything went wrong, try again and hopefully something will change.

Even when you feel like you've already tried everything and think you've lost all hope ... after all, it's not over. You think there's still a glimmer of possibilities.

And it is so, basically.

But WHEN do things really change?

Unfortunately, people are blind.

They reason in compartments and do not have a broader view of their path.

Ditto those who have the courage to start their own business.

Most entrepreneurs continue FOR YEARS to always carry out the same activities, to always use the same sales strategies and to always fail in the same way.

However, they never lose hope.

They fail, they continue to do the same things and hope that the result will change.

But the result does not change.

So how do you get out of the hamster wheel?

The only way is to perform different actions that bring different results.

And for an entrepreneur it is a matter of learning the most advanced and current information that the business world can offer.

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