Use this strategy to sell immediately more

Use this strategy to sell immediately more

One of the most important tools to sell are the References, that is someone who spends words for you as a professional / company / seller / client towards some they know.

however, is not as easy as you think. They are not a play that is done with tricks, techniques or manipulations and are not obtained overnight.

They are your primary and most precious source of sustenance. To have them you have to be ready, and be in the mind of people at the exact moment when they will need to refer to a professional in your field.

The rules are simple and basically start at:

  • Do your job in an extraordinary way for your customers. If no one has ever brought you a customer it means that you work badly, maybe good enough not to want to replace you, more for the annoyance of finding another gym than anything else. But you don't really make 101% - which is what you should do.

Then you move on to ongoing strategies that must keep your list stimulated.

Here are a couple of pearls you can use right away:

Every time you make a positive call with someone today, before the greetings you finish saying:

"Giovanni, it's not nice that my phone number is the same personal number you can give to someone you trust, friend, colleague, relative or acquaintance when they need a Gym?"

After each email written to someone today, you must end with:               

PS: Giovanni, just to remind you that you have a friend / professional (depending on the tone and degree of confidence) who needs to fell better?. My private number is 3XX XXXXXXX. I'm sure you already have some but please feel comfortable spreading it to friends / acquaintances / relatives / colleagues when they need help in find the right specialist in training.

If you tell me they are coming from your side, I will make sure they have special treatment.

Every week and every day, even better, you need to find ways to let your customers spread your name and message to their best friends and relatives.

This system for making contacts is what will make the difference between staying in mediocrity and having great success - in terms of getting more and more memberships…paying memberships.

The constancy in doing an excellent job, and the active drive to make it spread, is the only way to really win in the modern market.

That's why you need a scientific method that will continually bring you profiled customers, who crave your product or service even before they know you - or even before approaching your marketing.


Well, if you do not have the base it could look impossible. But a system works just because it is made of a series of actions that drives you towards your goal. It’s a ladder! Step by step you get control of your gym by putting in place a system which is more mathematic that philosophical.

P.S.: If you want to know more about how you can systemize your business and gain much more than you could even ever imagine, just send an email to . A Tutor will help you with all the information you need to make your experience with us extraordinary.


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