One of the best secret to make money

One of the best secret to make money

A concept that I have always expressed with great clarity is the importance of becoming a celebrity in your industry, of becoming famous positioning yourself as a reference point for the people around you.

You must be in the mind of your target customers to be their first thought when they decide to buy something you sell.

They do not have to be able to think about the gym next to you, or all the rest of the gyms in your area. All they want it’s you and only you.

But usually my clients tend to misunderstand the concept I just expressed, and think they have to become as famous as the VIPs on television.

When I say that you have to become "famous" I don't mean you have to be Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone or whoever it is. You won't have such a level of fame, but above all you don't even need to get there.

You're not a celebrity, you're not a movie star, it's not your purpose.

Your goal is to be an entrepreneur, to get your business to grow out of all proportion, increasing its turnover more and more.

For this reason, things like "views on Youtube" or billboards with your face printed in giant are of no use, unless they follow the laws in direct response marketing.

When I go around, there are no people chasing me to greet me, I don't have to stop every few steps because someone wants a picture. On the contrary, this happens when I am at one of our courses I go out among the entrepreneurs during a coffee break...

And this is what interests me, being famous for those who are targeted, for my potential customers, for the people who want my products.

To do so, however, you need to know your customers, know how to talk to them, learn about their desires, dreams and fears that torment them and make them go on every day.

To get all this you need to identify your target and understand how to position yourself in his mind, up to occupy it completely with regards to your category, just like I did.

It's a fundamental step that you can't skip if you really want your business to grow, turnover to increase and your salespeople (or just You) stop pleading with customers and losing hours and hours to conclude a deal.

Imagine that your customer says your name and suddenly…. his face changes, because he has known you, he estimates you, has seen your videos and trusts you ...

How much could your conversions increase this way?

I can see your eyes sparkle and I understand how you feel now, you want to know more…

All you have to do is shatter your old system – take it behind the shed and put it out of it’s fucking misery… 

…And create a NEW system that predictably generates the results you want:

The book is the greatest opportunity to understand the philosophy of the new concept that can dramatically change your business.



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