How much and how often you have to train yourself to get the results you want

How much and how often you have to train yourself to get the results you want

I want to clarify this concept because I see that it is one of the most misunderstood in training, even for old students.

Training - especially in Younix - is designed to be a continuous course. Not "a course".

I realize I am guilty for not being able to explain this concept clearly to everyone and I do mea culpa, so I start from here.

The people who get the best results in the business are those who DO what I do, not the ones who simply take a course with me.

And what I do is train myself constantly.

In my annual budget the first item I fill is that of the "suppliers" who provide me with training, coaching and consulting.

My training is what distances me from the goals I give myself each year:

  • if I reach them it means that I am training well, enough;
  • otherwise it means that I am not training in the right way and with the right constancy.

TRAINING IS NOT a "prize" or a "whim".

Training is the engine of achieving and overcoming objectives.

The mistake that many people make is "I've already bought a book, I haven't applied everything yet ... now I wait a bit to do the things that I have pending and then we see ...".

But it does NOT work that way.

Training works by being constantly exposed to new stimuli, new concepts and new strategies, ALSO and especially if you have not yet had time to apply everything.

There are things I have on the agenda for 3 years and they are still not ready.

Still, if I hadn't done my last “personal training sessions” a few weeks ago with one of my teachers, I'd be going round and round in many other key areas.

Being exposed to training through a mentor is the ONLY way to continue your career successfully and move your company forward.

Training is not a problem of "accumulating new concepts" and therefore "I have already taken a course now I look for ...", but the opposite.

Training is, as Bruce Lee put it, "adding new correct concepts while constantly eliminating superfluous and wrong ones".

You must constantly remain "in the flow". Not because you need new concepts, maybe, but just because you have to avoid making shit with the concepts you already have (some correct, some erroneous).

If you take the real examples of success they come from people who do many courses throughout the year and read at least 1 book a month in their subject.

I personally read and study about 35 books a year and buy more books than I can read! Someone thinks I'm crazy but if madness means overcoming yourself then consider me a fool to be locked up.

Making "cherry picking" as they say in jargon: yes I do a course this year, next year no, this time with my wife want to go for holiday ... etc ... etc ... But that's not how it works.

Those who do nothing, do not come to the courses, do not buy books ... often they talk and say crap at random about everything.

Every entrepreneur, freelancer or seller should not think "it's worth going to this course or not", "it's worth reading this book or not"

Instead, he should begin to think clearly about which of the three success categories he will want to belong to in the future.

What do you want to do? What do you want to get?

  • Great success?
  • A little better than before?
  • Nothing, I get angry and blame fate!

For points 2 and 3 I advise you in advance: I am not your man.

If instead you are sure and serious about wanting to get a BIG success, you need to put your hands on a paper copy of my book “The 6 Pillars For A Successful Fitness Business”  where you can understand more about the philosophy behind a successful gym.

All you have to do is shatter your old system – take it behind the shed and put it out of it’s fucking misery… 

…And create a NEW system that predictably generates the results you want:

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