That’s what your customer don’t buy

That’s what your customer don’t buy

Since the birth of cigarettes, shortly before 1850, it has been sponsored far and wide how much damage they create to our body.

Smoking causes serious health damage. It favors diseases of the respiratory system, of the cardiovascular system, and is co-responsible for some types of cancer.

Smoking is the leading cause of death in Italy. Determines about 83,000 deaths a year. And 19,000 non-smoking Europeans die each year due to exposure to passive smoking.

Despite this, almost 12 million Italians continue to smoke. 22% of the population. In the world, probably the people who smoke are over a billion.

In light of this tell me: what misfortune must happen to the planet to make you realize that people DO NOT buy "what they need"?

Do you really think that a diabetic "needs" a 1995 McDonald's'?

Is it credible that your wife buys another dress because she "needs" it, even though the wardrobe is already overflowing?

Are you 100% sure that a multi-millionaire "needs" another Ferrari, even if he already has 12 in the garage?

Do people seriously "serve" cigarettes - which translated is "seriously serve people (risk of) shortening their lives"?

The answer is obviously NO.

But yet …

... people continue to buy regardless.

They continue to spend their money on things that are even HARMFUL for their health.


Very simple: because people DO NOT buy what they need.

Making the customer understand, through the reasoning made by the seller, the "goodness" this or that Training format and its "technical superiority" will not automatically open the portfolio of your customers.

Just as explaining to a smoker who risks throat cancer will not stop smoking.

What can you do to avoid abandoning your potential customers and make them stop wasting money on things they don't need - or worse, harmful?

As a Gym owner or seller, you need to know what your customers really buy. Only in this way will you be able to divert their pennies on your product or service that can improve their life - and not ruin it.

In other words, you have to "relocate" your customers' expenses on your products and services, in order to provide them with benefits they would not otherwise be able to grasp.

And you can do it by giving it what it really takes them to buy.

If you are not sure what I’m talking about and you still don’t understand what your customer really want, it’s not your fault!

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