Marketing has nothing to do with your Service

Marketing has nothing to do with your Service

If sales and marketing were two branches of a tree, the central trunk from which they explode would be that of the "mental dialogue of the customer".

The mental dialogue of the customer is that conversation that takes place within the client's mind when considering a purchase, regardless of what you do, say and do not say.

Touching the right "mental chords", for a Gym Owner or one of his seller, means being able to create a melody that enchants its target audience and brings it ever closer to you ...

... more and more willing to listen to you ...

... and increasingly inclined to purchase.

Think about it.

Both copywriting and live selling follow the same identical process.

The copy is nothing more than a live negotiation put in writing, but with a serious handicap compared to everything related to live sales.


The "level of interaction".

When you sell live, by phone or during a question / answer webinar, you can work much more specifically thanks to the interaction between you and your customers.

Unfortunately, the same thing does NOT happen when you write marketing materials.

This is why the direct sales phase and the "human contact" remain the most important thing when it comes to conversions. Being able to bring a prospect to the gym and talk face to face it’s a completely a different story. It’s the number one option you have to close a deal and put the basis to let him become a raving fan.

That said, marketing undoubtedly has a fundamental role in presenting pre-qualified customers to listen to You or your sellers. Prospects should be already quite convinced they want to buy your membership.

Don’t forget we use the info-first marketing where we establish trust before asking for permission to pitch or deal. That’s the core concept. That’s how humanity really operates.

But to do so it is necessary that your materials simulate a level of interaction as close as possible to what you get in a live deal.

Now please, DO NOT misunderstand me. Your product or service must certainly have particular qualities and potential.

But it is the basis.

It is not a sufficient condition to sell memberships like crazy.

There must be the ability to manipulate (in its most positive sense possible) the client's mental dialogue to lead it in the direction you want.

Now if you do not know from where to start, think that it’s absolutely normal. Sometime my emails are quite shocking and sounds like something never heard in the world of fitness. And honestly…it’s true.

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