We are witnessing at an epochal change in the Marketing.

You can’t launch a new Gym with advertising because advertising has no credibility.

It’s the self-serving voice of a Company anxious to make a sale. You can launch your gym only with the Public Relations (PR) as they allow you to tell your story indirectly through third party outlets, primarily the Media.

PR stands for Public Relations, yet many people don't really understand what the term actually means. PR is the relation you have with your public and how you relate to them and what they think about you. It’s about sending positive message to your target audience, it’s about managing your reputation.

We all are doing PR every day without even realizing it. All the PR we do for our self like drinking in the pub, shopping in the high streets, gossiping with our friends is done by word of mouth but when you have a business we can’t always talk to everyone we’d like, so we ask Media to help out or we use Blogs or Social Media networks, feature articles, industry awards, press releases, media relations, events and open days, technical articles, right copywriting, podcast, conversations over the back fence, writing books to give our self a reputation of an Authority in your field.

PR runs right through your Brand, it’s about how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. PR is all about good communication.

To us, it's about your story. And the chance to tell it. It's about relationships with real people. Your customers. Who today, will embrace your story. If it's made for them. It's also about clicks. And tweets. And views and likes. It's also the New York Times and local papers.

A good definition for PR is that it's the reputational vehicle by which your company becomes well- known and well-respected.

Well, Public Relations is really a way to take an idea that you have, or a vision that you have, and make people start thinking the way that you want them to think about it, or change their minds if they are not already thinking that way.

So that when you deliver your marketing materials, people already have an idea that you have planted in their minds and that they are more receptive to respond to your marketing.

So… the whole purpose of business PR is to make sure that you get a better return on investment for your marketing investment.

Gyms really start to understand PR when their reputation is in danger. When your reputation is at risk, you can't compete, you can't sell your services and you can't pay your bills. It's very scary.

If you are not familiar with these techniques, don’t worry but take action!

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