Why should you be proactive in your Public Relations?

Why should you be proactive in your Public Relations?

By incorporating a PR strategy into your marketing and sales process, you'll be able to see four things:

  1. Number one, a better return on investment for your marketing. People that are already familiar with you are more receptive to your marketing message.
  2. Number two, a lower cost per lead. An educated consumer is much easier to attract.
  3. Number three, you'll see a speed up in your sales process. Educated and familiar consumers are much faster and easier to close.
  4. Number four, more business overall. More people reaching for you, more people calling you, more people interested and comfortable in doing business with you.

People want to spend their money where they're sure, where they're sure they're going to get a good service, where they're sure they're going to be taken care of.

They're hanging their hat on your reputation.

Marketing is supposed to sell. Sales is supposed to sell. But people don't want to be sold. They want to buy.

PR puts people in the mind frame to buy. Sources that they consider credible, whether it's the news, whether it's a key influencer, whether it's a V.I.P. or even a celebrity that tells them that you're experts, that you know what you're doing. Video or written

Testimonials made by your happy customers are one of the key that open the gold treasure chests.

It gives them stories about how your services and products have helped other people just like them. When they get that information, they believe it.  It's a third party endorsement and they know you set the tone of how great you are. And that's the reason why they should buy from you. They're more receptive and more comfortable and more willing. That's how you put them in the mind frame to buy.

Your battle today is battling for consumers' minds.

PR is your tool to use to break down the reactions and the emotional barriers that people have to being sold something.

PR fuels your marketing and it boosts your sales and that's your leverage in the new economy of your gym.

PR and marketing go hand-in-hand. As a general rule typically PR proceeds marketing, but you can do it after marketing or before marketing. If you have already been marketing for your gym a lot and you haven’t been doing PR, your message has been out there a lot, but yet there are a lot of people you haven’t gotten as clients, so what you do is, you use a PR campaign to lend credibility to what you are doing.

They may have seen your ads many, many times before, and never called you. All right.

So, now they see you in a format that isn’t selling necessarily, but is touting how good you are, what you’ve done, your good works and… now you have credibility and… now maybe they will contact you.

If you lay the groundwork before marketing and do PR, when you place your ads, you are credible suddenly.

PR actually separates the professional Gym Owner from the amateur Gym Owner.

I know one Gym Owner in particularly, he had a certain clientele, a wealthy clientele and he wanted to drive a new clientele into his Gym and he had been doing traditional ads and so forth. Through a very smart PR campaign, he got an interview on a local TV show. All right, that interview suddenly lent so much credibility to this person, he actually started getting new clients, big time clients with money, contacting him because they saw him on TV show.

That is not advertising you can pay for, that is PR.

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