How do you boycott your gym?

How do you boycott your gym?

There’s a phrase that erases all hope of being successful in any market:

"Our service is so extraordinary that you practically don't even have to sell it. People will see it, they will notice it for themselves, and they will want to buy it "

Now, it is difficult to make credible something that is far from the truth.

It’s almost as stupid as the phrase: "my sector is different" and "people look only at the price".

Getting serious again.

If you ever say or think about it, I will try to practice an exorcism at a distance from you that frees you from this evil.

As often happens, the entrepreneur or the "creator" of the offer tend to boast by referring to their service as "everything that people want or have always wanted".

Before destroying everything they believe in, I want to break a spear in their favor: it is correct to have passion for your product or service.

It's okay to create an extraordinary offer for your customers. There is nothing wrong with that, rather, it is the starting point, the essential minimum base from which anyone who decides to do business should start.

That said, it is precisely the starting point. Not arrival.

Those who work believing that their offer is so extraordinary that they do not need to sell it and promote it in some way because people "as soon as they know it will want it", if it does not change parish soon, it will find itself rather quickly on the highway towards bankruptcy.

You don't need a forensic detective to understand how things really are. Just a couple of simple questions:

  1. Why if your offer is so extraordinary you don't have a RIVER IN FULL of customers that rushes every day to buy what you're offering?
  2. What part of your brain is missing to understand that there is a problem if this stuff is told by entrepreneurs to the receptionist/sellers of your gym who will have to sell your service?!?!

Is that clear?

In summary: any offer you make to the market must be promoted in some way.

The sad thing is that some know it, because they hire sellers and these sellers need to tell something to prospects. The fact then that they convince them of a sea of bullshit to shoot them in bursts at customers who don't even know what the fuck your membership consist of and how it relief their problems, is another thing.


"Any offer must be promoted". Even the free ones. And if you need to commit to selling something that is FREE, imagine if he had to pay for it.

In this regard, Joan Rivers, an American comedian and actress, said something that could be illuminating for your approach to selling:

"Even the ugliest girl on earth, if she had an opportunity to go to bed with Brad Pitt, she'd like to be asked if she wants to do it."


People like being asked to buy. What they can't stand is the "arrogant sale". He does not like the fact that they will buy for granted.

He likes being asked.

I really enjoy it.

There is no "I have an extraordinary offer and so I don't have to sell it but people will automatically want it".

What may exist is "I have an extraordinary offer that if I propose in the CORRECT way maybe I can pull up a few million".

It's not exactly the same, eh?

For this reason, if you believe you have an extraordinary offer for your hands you should do everything to be able to promote it successfully on the market.

Otherwise it would be a combination of fatigue thrown to the wind, lost time and wasted opportunity.

Think, for example, of all the times you came out with "people don't understand, if only they would listen to me they would understand".

Pretty frustrating, eh?

Unfortunately it works like this for those who don't know how to get their differentiating message to their potential customers.


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  1. avatar Marcin Tracichleb says:

    Exactly !
    “It’s almost as stupid as the phrase: “my sector is different” and “people look only at the price”." :-))

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