The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect

There is a concept that goes beyond simple personal growth, and has to do with the concept of choice.

Do you know the so-called "butterfly effect"?

"Small changes in initial conditions produce large variations in the long-term behavior of a system."

That moment in which you choose for a "Yes" or a "No" can change your whole life in practice.

Beyond everything, "to choose" means only one thing in particular: to take responsibility.

This is why people hate having to choose.

It's mentally tiring, and we are often not ready to make thoughtful choices.

Especially when we are faced with a difficult crossroads, or with so many options and you have to choose only one. Weighting costs and benefits can sometimes be very tiring.

The real problem is the hidden responsibility behind the choices.

Not the choice itself, but "what happens next, if I choose one thing rather than another".

Because sometimes you can know what will happen after choosing something, as it is quite obvious. Others you may not know.

An example?

If you choose to work with Younix you risk profoundly getting more customers and selling more, so make more money and live the life of your dreams, whatever it is.

If you stay out, well ... needless to say, I don't know what will happen in your gym in the near future.

Surely it will be something out of your control. And if you lose control of your business, and take a decidedly unproductive path ...

I want you to have one thing clear: in life there are choices you will make that you will regret, and choices you will NOT make ... for which, instead, you will never forgive yourself.

And regret and remorse are two of the things you should never want to live with.

They are in the past.

And the past does not change.

What you can change is the future. What depends on being able to look back, look at what you've done and have no regrets?

From the choices you make today.

If you have done all you can, in fact, whatever the outcome may be, you will have no weight on your conscience.

"What would have happened if I had started working with Younix that day? Maybe nothing ... or maybe everything ... I'll never know. "

And this wears you in, believe me.

Fortunately you are still in time.

Your decision today can change your life as an entrepreneur. Probably, in a more than positive way - especially when it comes to marketing and sales systems that work, increases in turnover and profits.

And you alone will be responsible for this success.

You will also be responsible for possible failures if you leave the fate of your gym at the mercy of chance, continuing to blame the government, the banks, the crisis or customers who are ignorant and who do not understand how good you are at your job. Surely they are a problem. But a problem on which you have no power.

But today you have the power to say "Yes" and tomorrow think:

"Thank goodness that day I said" Yes "!"

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Your future may change at any moment.

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