I do not want to get you scared or confused. If you would just apply, but most of all, implement just the 10% of my directions, your gym can start prosper tomorrow morning.

Every single day I receive emails from gym owners and trainers from all different Countries in Europe and they all are worried about the same stuff! It’s incredible how the gyms’ world is suffering from the same desease: lack of directions in the business AKA Improvisation.

Improvisation does not lead you anywhere in life, much less in business.

The positive thing is that: nothing is lost!

You can start changing today, you can start working ON your business instead of IN your business.

You need to take some hours out from teaching classes or simply jumping from a task to another and dedicate the right amount of time to structure your Company.

I know you are an hard bone, you won’t be tired easily, you are doing what you like, you are cultivating your passion and making some money… But being a successful Gym Owner is not only bend over backwards. Having a great gym should mean freedom after you launch it.

Systemizing your business will help you to clarify your entire life then. You will have more time for yourself, for your family and your loved ones and even for your favorite sport you can’t practice now for lack of time.

That holiday you always wanted to have whenever you want but you had to wait a year long before going there...or maybe you still didn’t go there because: I need to follow my customers, I need to watch out the business, I have to call this person, meet that person, I’ve introduced a new class that can only be run by me, I have to open the gym early in the morning and close it very late at night ‘cause I can’t hire someone just to do this…and so on…

Well, most of the gyms owners don't build a gym, they build their prison.

Systemize your business could look like a war, like an arm wrestling between YOU and the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF, between You and what you are able to create.

It’s about WHO you want to be in life and WHAT you want to achieve.

Let me share with you what I do when I want to CHANGE something really important in my life that I do not like. It could look inspirational or maybe just funny, who knows, but honestly I don’t care because this is me and I say what I think. Especially when I want to help people change their lives:

I think about me, old, on a rocking chair, grandpa's classic pipe in my mouth looking at the sea. I’ll be thinking about one single thing: what kind of trace I left in this world? Basically, how my life was able to change other lives. My family, my friends, my collaborators, my clients….

If you think this way, you take it as a mission, the mission to become a better person by helping others. Sometimes you can do it by yourself through determination, self-esteem and a small dose of good luck, but certainly you cannot do it by inventing your job.

You need to study to build a better version of yourself, the version that will lead you to that success you always wanted to have.

Sometimes it looks like I know you personally, that we spent some time together, maybe because we are on the same boat my dear friend. The boat of success. If you are reading this email and you get till this point is surely because you want to CHANGE.

This is why I want to congratulate with you as you are important for me and you are doing an amazing job just because you keep on reading and studying.


But now it’s time to take your train as every fantastic trip always starts from a STEP after another:

If you want to be well prepared I highly recommend you to get one of my book and open your mind since the first page:

PS: If you have questions, doubts or need help of any kind, we are here to offer you the best possible experience. In case of need write to and a Tutor will help you with all the information you need to make your experience with us extraordinary.


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