Take Your Training to Another Level with Comfortable, Flexible & Durable Weighted Vest

What makes Younix Tactical Weighted Vest
your best choice?

Design & Shape

The great design of this new revolutionary vest offers enhanced comfort and freedom of movement with a feeling of lightness and perspiration of sweat thanks to the oversized airflow panels.

Fit your size

Adjustable waist and tensional bands helps you to fit the vest around your torso with the maximum stability. Standard waist bands will accommodate an XS circumference with the elastic relaxed, and up to XL when the elastic is adjusted for maximum extension through the velcro system.


With enhanced comfort and freedom of movement, the vest can accommodate steel plates in the front and back to reach the 20 LBS (9 kg). The back yoke shoulder pads reduce friction and distribute weight uniformly.


The vest comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Damages resulting from abuse, misuse, wear and tear, tampering or customer modification, exposure to caustic substances are not covered by LT warranty.

Money-back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Welcome to Younix’s worry-free shopping. If your equipment hasn’t arrived or isn’t as described, contact us within 14-days and get your money back.

3 Reasons you should get Tactical Weighted Vest

Core strength

Try holding a plank with weighted vest. The additional weight is going to challenge your core to balance and support the heavier load.

Strength & endurance

With any exercise the more weight you use, the  more the muscles have to adopt to heavier load. This builds overall strength and endurance. 

Boost the intensity

Weighted vest provides a great and easy piece of equipment for a variation that our body isn't prepared for. This intensive training method will throw your systems off whenever necessary.

Younix Tactical Weighted Vest Specifications

  • Material: Nylon 500D
  • Vest weight: 2,5LBS
  • Plate weight: 8,75LBS each (17,5LBS total)
  • Total weight: 20LBS
  • Colour: Black
  • Water resistant: Yes
  • Adjustments: Adjustable weight and tensional bands, fit any size.
  • Custom patches: Ready to attach any logo with back velcro.
  • Set includes: 1x Tactical vest, 2x iron plates
  • Warranty:Two years against manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tears are not covered by the warranty.