[YOUNIX® TESTIMONIAL, Personal Training Studio]

[YOUNIX® TESTIMONIAL, Personal Training Studio]

Being a mentor is an hard job, you must consider all the eventualities and problems that a person may encounter during his path to the success and be ready to give him a solution.

This happens if you are “solution provider” like an equipment provider or a personal trainer. It’s the same. You always must provide a solution that exceeds customer’s expectations or at least solve his problems.

We have helped Giovanna from JoFit Personal Training Studio in Italy to create her PT studio from scratch:

  1. We have visited her building and suggested her to take a bit of space more to get the perfect square footage for her job
  2. Our architect created an impressive design that exceeded her expectations
  3. Our workers build up the entire facility and in 6 weeks she received the keys of her gym that she just had to turn It into the door and start working.
  4. The workers installed also the equipment securing all mountable equipment to the fllor and walls where needed.
  5. Our educations guys provided marketing and business manuals to run the perfect gym and get much more revenue into her business
  6. Our video maker created a story video since the beginning of the renovation up to the grand opening

Take a bit of time to read what she says about younix:

“Every important path starts with a dream and a guide that helps you reach the success in your field”

I’m Giovanna Orazzo, IFBB Champion, a personal trainer and a dreamer.

I wanted to create an exclusive club focused on my customers results and exceptional experience. A club that was not for everyone. A club where I could help my clients achieve their fitness goals and radically change their lifestyle, not just the way they look.

Together with younix I understood what is needed to help my clients. I’ve worked closely with their team from the beginning of the project. They helped me build a personal studio where I can now deliver great results and incredible experience to each person that walks through the doors.

I had thousands of ideas on how to build and design the gym but with the lack of experience and so many information out there I was confused. In the end I realized that I need a mentor. I needed a guide with a lot of experiences in this field that could help me with important decisions so I wouldn’t make wrong choices right at the beginning of my journey.

Working with Younix made me feel confident about all my choices.

I am convinced that sport helps save your life.

When I was 20 years old I like I needed to act. I saw so many people  struggling with their fitness. I kmnew I wanted to work in this industry. So I decided to use all my knowledge and experiences to help others reach their fitness goals.

Today I reached my first milestone. I finally have the personal studio I’ve always dreamed about.

Being a personal trainer means being a mentor. I take my work seriously. I am convinced that we have an important rope in peoples lives and we can’t afford to play with their health. This is why I chose Younix as my guide and I won’t regret my decision

Giovanna Orazzo, Italy, JoFit Personal Training Studio


If you also want to have the perfect gym of your dream without getting crazy or waste money then click this link and schedule a strategy call with me: https://younix.lpages.co/younix-how-do-we-work/

Or just write an email to info@younix.it and a Tutor will help you with all the information you need to make your experience with us extraordinary.


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