What’s the hidden treasures in your Gym?

What’s the hidden treasures in your Gym?

The reactivation of lost customers is an activity that should take priority over the acquisition of new customers.

Basically, acquiring a customer is the most difficult, most painful, most expensive part of every business.

It's a fundamental part: without new customers the business doesn't grow. So the acquisition of new customers is essential. However, it is also the most complex part.

So, if you are not in the opening phase, but maybe you have been working for 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 years already, you should know that the time since you are open is proportional to the level of hidden treasure that is inside.

What is this hidden treasure?

Customers who, for some reason, have stopped buying from you and fortunately you have the data.

Why do you have the data?

Because, being a paying customer, you most likely issued receipts, issued invoices against them, registered them in a management system, depending on the level of complexity.

Or, unfortunately, you don't have the data. I hope for you that this is not your situation!

Even if almost all small companies, as small gyms for example, are not used to collecting the data of potential customers in principle the data of paying customers are those that we have available.

Some of these customers, for some reason, have stopped a bad day to buy from us. So the first thing we need to do is reactivate them.

Remember: reactivating a customer is easier than acquiring a new one.

That is, the customers who have already bought from us, are the most targeted customers, because they have already expressed their preference towards us in the only way that has a value, that is, opening the wallet.

They have already paid you a yearly membership or even couple classes.

For some reason then, they stopped and we now have to convince them to come back to us.

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Why reactivate lost customers?

  • Customer reactivation is the simplest, fastest and cheapest marketing activity of all
  • Not reactivating inactive customers means giving them to the competition
  • Useful feedback
  • A reactivated customer becomes one of your best customers

Basically, reactivating customers is the simplest, fastest and cheapest marketing activity of all.

In terms of ROI, or return on investment, "I put 1 euro, I return 2"…

…nothing beats the Reactivation Campaign.

Well, I have plenty of amazing tricks and tips ready to share that can transform your gym in a golden goose!


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