What are the 3 main actions to see your turnover soar?

What are the 3 main actions to see your turnover soar?

There is a very powerful virus that afflicts most of the gym owners.

Here are some symptoms for you to understand if you're sick, too:

  • Often, phrases like "there are no trainers/workers of the past";
  • You are convinced that "people do not spend as much money as before";
  • You think your city is very particular and different from the others and that what makes others earn cannot work for you;
  • Sell ​​your subscriptions by shouting "more quality for less!"

If you have even one of these symptoms, well I tell you, you are sick, you have a disease that afflicts the average gym owner, convinced that the past was more beautiful, easier, and that now there is nothing left but to cry despairing of what no longer exists.

Bad stuff.

The good news, however, is that there is a cure and I have every intention of healing you.

The good old days when your father, your grandfather, your grandfather's grandfather, started doing business, those in which you opened, crossed your arms, smoked a cigarette and saw customers running to you, they can come back, or at least a good number of customers can run into your arms again.

The big difference between the historical period you are working in and their years is not about the crisis, it’s about the customers.

In fact, your grandfather's clients wandered free, they didn't know where to find what they needed and they had to go and look for it, often with difficulty.

Once to find exactly what was needed they had to go miles and miles, or resign themselves to something different, which didn't make them happy, but it was better than nothing.

A beautiful world, right?

Here, put your soul in peace because these times have passed, your customers are no longer wandering in search of that something, they are no longer grazing waiting to be captured by you, you have to flush them out and take them by force.

Most of the customers you may have in fact have already purchased a similar subscription (if not identical to yours) somewhere else.

Or he hasn't done it yet, but when the time comes to join a gym, he already knows exactly where to go.

Once the customer was looking for the product, now it is the product that offers itself to the customer every day, in advertising posters, magazines, Facebook, Instagram, Google, wherever he goes he is tormented by advertising.

There are 3 actions you need to do NOW if you want to see your turnover soar, the good old days come back, and your business will thrive like it used to:

  1. First of all, analyze the competition, look at what your enemies do, study them in detail.
  2. Secondly, identify your target customers, check them, find out what they do, when they do it and where they do it, you have to study their habits.
  3. Finally, use the specific tools of direct response marketing to capture those in your viewfinder and sell them what you trade.

These are the 3 steps you can't ignore to revive the good old days.



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