The secret of the AC/DC to Rock’n’Roll

The secret of the AC/DC to Rock’n’Roll

Today I woke up with the unhealthy idea of ​​talking an innovative concept: hard work.

I didn't invent it, so why is it so innovative?

Well, let me better explain what I mean by hard work and why we should reconsider its meaning.

Already our grandparents, our dads and, in general, the previous generations, knew all too well what it meant to get out of bed and break your back to bring home a piece of bread. And you probably do it too spending 10/12 hours a day in your gym.

And it is truly the only viable option if you really want to combine something great and make your parents proud and your children, too.

Then surely there are "shortcuts", but they are not shortcuts as most people understand it.

It’s not the "uncle Yankee legacy you didn't even know you had."


Shortcuts - the ones that work, not the mirrors for larks and fools - are the smartest roads to take that, with hard work and the right ambition, lead you to a satisfying and gratifying result as soon as possible.

So the "shortcut", to get (for example) your first 100 members, is simply the brightest way to get it as fast as possible.

But this road, however short, cannot be crossed in 3 days, while 2 and a half are spent to drink with friends.

We are not really there.

However, by following this path rather than another, you are sure that hard work will allow you to achieve the predetermined result.

The secret is not to misunderstand the word "shortcut". The definition from vocabulary is:

"an alternative route that is shorter than the one usually taken".

Here, the same is true for every aspect of life.

The shortcut to sell more memberships, for example, is that learning path that, between your current situation (where customers "have to think" 90% of the time) and the paradise you would like to live in (where 90% of customers interrupts you in mid-negotiation, saying "I buy everything without a discount") is shorter than the main road that everyone goes through.

And that's not all.

In addition to being the shortest to reach the goal set, it could also be the ONLY way to really achieve the result you set for yourself.

The main street, the one trafficked by the "mass", will hardly take you anywhere.

If that were the case, we would all be fine, there would be no problem in the world and worries about your future.

Following the road you are on today, you probably will NEVER reach the finish line. That's why a shortcut - if someone has already walked it and is able to show you that there is light at the end of the path - is the shortest way regardless ...

... because at least it takes you where you want to go.

And it does so even if it should be more tiring.

Even if it takes a while.

Even the AC/DC say that in their song: "It’s a long way to the TOP, if you want to rock'n'roll".

The same goes for running the perfect gym: "it's a long way to success if you want to be a successful Gym owner".

The mountain to climb is high, steep and full of dangers.


You will cry.

And at some point you will send everything to hell, because you can no longer manage to climb the mountain - which seems to be higher and unreachable every day.

I know a shortcut, the good one.

I know how to get you to the summit and enjoy the breathtaking view.

But I warn you: it's not all roses and flowers.


You will cry.

But you'll come to the top of the mountain.

I guarantee you.

Go here and take the shortcut I personally made safer, viable and reliable as possible ==>


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