Do you make this mistake, too?

Do you make this mistake, too?

There are many errors that I call MORTALS that practically all entrepreneurs commit when they create the prices of their services. Whether they are a group training subscription or semi-private or even private.

These errors are often underestimated but I can assure you that they are expensive to those who commit them.

One of all?

Create the "middle" price.

What does it mean?

Very simply, when a company is about to launch a new product and wants to define a price, it is basically positioned exactly between the price of the market leader and that of the low-cost competitor.

And here comes the right balance between quality and price.

One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make.

Placing yourself midway between two choices is never the right solution because you find yourself directly immersed in the price battle.

And in most cases you come out defeated.

Most companies set the price of their product or service ... totally at random!

"But no it is not true, I examine every possibility of price and I decide to apply the best one for my client comparing what my competitors propose."

Good bullshit. I am amazed.

Translated: I saw those who make the highest prices, those the lowest and I positioned myself in the middle.

I assure you that this is exactly what 99% of gyms in Europe do, but also in the world. And probably you too.

Selling at the wrong price, in fact, is the fastest way to condemn yourself or your sellers to exhausting battles with customers who are trying to get discounts and favors.

Customers who have already asked for dozens of quotes and gathered a myriad of information and took dozen of tours in other gyms BEFORE sitting down in front of you. Customers who are NOT willing to buy on your terms.

Ultimately ... making mistakes on price is the easiest way to guarantee your business a bad end.


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