[3/5] Who is CEO & Founder of Younix? And why should you believe him?

(it continues from last article) …..
  • We have no shortcuts to the success
  • no magic pills
  • no highway to heaven

We are not willing to give away our knowledge to some lazy, not mind oriented entrepreneurs or opportunity seekers. We will never change the world with a class of idlers that are looking for the final deal.

If there’s a 90% chance of failure, there’s a 10% chance of changing the world, and we are ready to do it with the right people.

I do expect to work with highly motivated customers, that are willing to grow in terms of personal, training and business culture. Our customers are our students. We just ask to be humble enough to leave the ego outside of the door of our office, keep the mind free to embrace a new Method of developing Performance Gyms.

We have developed a radical model of responsible business growth in concert with our guiding principles and inspired by a commitment to our community.

Our work leads to a positive change in people’s lives.

We have created a community of businesses where the owner is successfully working on his business and not in the business, and his/her coaches are willingly bringing their whole selves to work and clients realize their fitness goals. That’s the only way we know and it’s the only way we can guarantee the final success.

Motivated People & Right Mentors = Guaranteed Success. No option on that.

Imagine to sit down in the middle of the gym at night, no lights on, no rumors, you alone… if you can still feel the laughs of your customers, the thanks, the clapping of high five, the looks of satisfaction and then your partner and friends looking at you with admiration, competitors won’t understand how your gym is so full of people…

How do you think you’ll feel?

I’m ready to help you to feel the same as I feel every evening, I just ask for ………. Sorry, I can only tell you only on next article!

P.S.: you can wait till next article for the continuation of the letter OR just answer to this email with your Phone and best date and time to call you or if you prefer to be answered by email give us a sign and we’ll do that.

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