[2/5] Who is CEO & Founder of Younix? And why should you believe him?

...My customers still struggled to find the right solutions to their problems of running a profitable and successful gym that withstand the test of time and fashions.

Once an old client of mine told me:

Ok, I’ve a beautiful gym with perfect equipment but I feel like I've created a cathedral in the desert:

  1. where are all the customers to fill this gym?
  2. What’s my price strategy?
  3. How could I differentiate myself from my geolocated competitors?
  4. How can I train and educate my team?
  5. What if they go taking away a big portion of my customers?
  6. How can attract more customers and maintain my current ones loyal?
  7. What will I say about my fitness business when I meet a new prospect?
  8. What kind of people do I want to work with on a daily basis?

All these questions could be just mixed in one:

How can I have a profitable and sustainable business?

During these long journey I’ve met so many great people that are now working with me. People with over 20 years of experience, yes more than me, that could give every single hour of their day to help fitness entrepreneurs achieving their goals.

Coaches, engineers, accountant and business administration specialists, Strength and Conditioning specialists from all over Europe have taken up my cause to serve fitness entrepreneurs and fitness coaches, providing them with turn-key solution for Performance Gym.

We believe that with a motivational and supportive environment with proven fitness business model, constant education, quality equipment, smart and safe training that provides long term results, every dream is possible.

At the end, it’s all about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment and helping to find a way to innovate. That’s why you can’t find all our skills under a single umbrella, just a single Company that works only for you. We have built up our Team working together, side by side, night and day solving the gym owner’s challenges and concerns looking at each of them from different angles and perspective.

All aspects of a gym are vertically integrated in our Company, from the equipment to the design, from education to business mentorship.

At Younix now we live our mission. Our guiding principles drive our day-to-day activities. People we work with and serve comment on our integrity. We act according to our values, beliefs and principles we claim to hold. In reality this means we really do what we say we do.

We do pretend the same kind of efforts and behavior from our customers!

…….so what do we need from you to become part of the Younix Community?

….wait till the next article to understand what happened next!

P.S.: you can wait till the next article for the continuation of the letter OR just write to with your Phone and best date and time to call you or if you prefer to be answered by email give us a sign and we’ll do that.

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