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Extend Your Rigs & Racks

Lifetime Warranty

One of the easiest ways to save money is to buy equipment that last. The next best thing is to buy equipment with lifetime warranty. Our infinitive extension is no exception. Welcome to Younix.

Money-back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Welcome to Younix’s worry-free shopping. If your flooring hasn’t arrived or isn’t as described, contact us within 14-days and get your money back.

3 Reasons you should get Infinitive Extension

Go higher

If you want to get more spots for rings or a spot for a climbing rope on your Rig, you simply slip the infinitive extension into any of our uprights and you will arrive to 3.72 meters. 

Sky is the limit

You can add infinitive extension on top of another. If you add two you will arrive to 4,79 meters. If you want you can continue to go up.

Full customization

We extended our Rigs & Racks with additional accessories like infinitive extension so you can fully customize them. You can go higher, wider and longer. There are no limits to what we can build for you.

Infinitive Extension Specifications

  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Matt wrinkle black powder coated
  • Tubing size: 80x80mm
  • Tubing Thickness: 4mm
  • Hole spacing: 50mm
  • Set includes: 1x Infinitive extension & hardware
  • Standard modularity: This item can be slipped into any upright of our Rigs and Rack to increase its height to 3,72 meters.
  • Double modularity: Infinitive extensions can also be inserted into one another and reach the height of 4,79 meters.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime against bending or cracking of the steel frame.
    Normal wear and tears are not covered by the warranty.