What makes Younix PRO HOOK SET
your best choice?


Younix Hooks ensure a secure grip for your barbells while shielding them from surface damage. TIG-welded plates, machined plastic core, and recessed hardware guarantee rock-solid stability and prevent metal-to-metal contact.


The side plates, equipped with a recessed plastic core, prioritize barbell protection. UHMW plastic on the clasp and back plate, along with a thin rubber layer, minimizes wear and tear on the uprights when the Hook is in use. The zinc-plated pin with a UHMW end ensures paint protection during height adjustments. 


Weighing 4,35KG (9,66LB) each, the hooks stay securely in place, safeguarding your barbell's knurling. The 6.5cm (2,6") long contact surface and flat hook design facilitate easy and secure barbell racking. The slight inclination of the hook allows smooth bar placement, ensuring a firm and safe rack.


The inclined back of the tie simplifies the insertion and removal of the hooks, adding a user-friendly touch to the overall design. This thoughtful detail enhances the ease of use for adjusting the hooks on the pole.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Our bar holder has a lifetime warranty on the frame while nylon inserts have a 2-year warranty.

Money-back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Free delivery when you spend 299 EUR for countries in ZONE 1 and 599 EUR for countries in ZONE 2. See our shipping zone map here.

3 Reasons you should get the Premium J-Hook Set

Protect your bar

The J-Hooks are laser cut and precision bent to host the plastic insert that will protect your bar knurling from damage. The plastic completely wraps every contact edges. The bar and the hook itself will last much longer.

Protect your Rack

We put plastic squares on the three sides of the internal cavity of the hooks to prevent Rack paint chipping.

Easy to move

Thanks to a special configuration on the back, it will be enough to rotate the hook by only 45 degrees to make it enter or exit the hole.

    PRO HOOK SET Specifications

    • Material: Steel
    • Insert Material: UHMW
    • Finishing: Matt wrinkle black powder coated
    • Length: 3cm / 12,2"
    • Width: 9cm / 3,54"
    • Height: 23cm / 9"
    • Max weight capacity: 1.500 KG per pair / 3333LB
    • Weight of the product: 8,7KG / 19LB
    • Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime against bending or cracking of the steel frame. Normal wear and tear on both plastic and steel frame, which does not affect performance, may occur with repeated use and is not covered by the warranty.
    • Important Notice: UHMW insert is a consumable product and therefore replacement may be required depending on the intensity of use. Replacement, unless it is a manufacturing defect, is not under warranty. Contact assistance if replacement is necessary.