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We help fitness entrepreneurs and coaches transform their business - through quality products, expert consulting, coaching, on going support and mentorship.

Performance Gym Essentials

We approach consulting by listening to our client's vision and what they want to accomplish with their gym project. We discover what is really important to them, what obstacles they might face and by working together we help them choose the right business model, equipment and layout.

Professional Fitness

Through our Seminars and Workshops we help fitness and health professionals become elite performance coaches. Using the best practices of online and on site education, we share everything we know about performance training, health, behaviour change and real-world coaching.

Fitness Business Mentoring

Whether you are a start-up or already established fitness business, the Younix Business Mentoring Programme can help you become one of the most visited and profitable performance gyms in your area. It presents a combination of some of the most successful fitness business concepts, enhanced by the two decades of fitness business practice in the field.

The Younix mission

Our mission is to serve fitness entrepreneurs and fitness coaches, providing them with a turn-key solution for performance gym.

We believe that with a motivational and supportive environment, with proven fitness business model, constant education, quality equipment, smart and safe training that provides long term results, every dream is possible.

Word from the founder

What is the purpose of your fitness business? What should you offer to the customers? What kind of equipment will you use? Which training programs will you offer? How much money you want to make? How much do you want to invest? How will you choose the right location? Do you want this to be your full time job? What will you say about your fitness business when you meet a new prospect? What kind of people you want to work with on a daily basis? How big do you want to become? How will you scale your fitness business?

Fitness business is a highly lucrative one. However, it is also crowded with competition. How will you stand out and how will you make make sure to be heard of in a noisy fitness world will mark you as a clear winner or a clear loser. Even so, having the right answers to the above questions is not all what it takes to be a success story.

Umberto Avino

Umberto Avino
Founder, President and the

Meet the team

Umberto Avino

Founder, President and CEO

Coaching and Education

Žiga Urh

VP of Education

Guillaume Guillou

Education & Training

Matej Hočevar

Education & Training

Luka Hočevar

Business Coaching

Client care

Luca Russo

Customer Care, Italy

Arne Urh

Customer Care, Slovenia 

Samuel Oria

Operative Manager, Spain


Andrea Evacuo