5 Simple Steps To More Referrals

5 Simple Steps To More Referrals

1. Get Results

This is pretty self-explanatory and not something you can just make it happen overnight. What you can do is highlight the results your clients have got in the past. Decide the schedule of putting out case studies, success stories and before and after pictures (in a format of picture, blog or video).

So let’s say you do 1-2 a week for the next 30 days and you celebrate your client’s results – what you’ll see is not only social media engagement and being able to invite people to trials and challenges, but also when you follow 
the other steps for the next 30 days, you’ll see increase in referrals.

2. Make It A Condition Of Training With You

Let your clients know what your mission is, and that you’re committed to making a difference in the entire community. We tell people our philosophy...

Change one man/woman and you change a family...You change a family, you change a community...You change a community, you change a city...You change a city, you change a country …

So you let them know: “We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and we’ve grown mainly by delivering results to our amazing clients like you. Will you help us change the community by referring friends and family to our gym?”

When they do you look them in their eyes and shake their hand. This solidifies that it’s how we have grown together.

3. Hand Written Appreciation

When someone brings a friend and they become a client (and even if they don’t!), show them some love. You can make it a customized card or gift. This shows people you listen and pay attention (don’t do generic stuff as it can come off as “me too”). Not only will this reward a behaviour you want more of, other clients will also see you doing it and want to get cool stuff too. So for the next 30 days reward every referral (even if they just come in) with a hand written thank you card and thoughtful gift.

4. Wow Your Fans

If you have clients that are fans and have referred multiple people, why not go the extra mile to appreciate them? Send them a whole care package of stuff they like. Could be supplements, gear, or even a gift card for a massage. What do you think will happen when your clients will get this gift delivery at work and will go tell the office staff and everyone else about it? You’re going to get a lot of referrals, that’s what.

5. Just Ask

As simple as this sounds, when I talk to gym owners I am surprised to hear that most have never made this into a system or something they do consistently. I suggest that after you sign a new member for anything at your gym, just say...

“By the way, we do allow you to bring a friend or family member to your first training session, who would you like to bring?”

This question it itself should generate 50% more leads throughout the year. And here’s the crazy part, once the referral comes in and you sign them up you ask them the same question! You can also do this with monthly bring a friend days for team training, not to mention one for semi-privates. Your coaches should routinely ask clients for
 referrals. When you ask you shall receive. It is simple, but you have to do it and do it consistently.

Put this strategy to work for the next 30 days and use the majority of these steps as a system!!

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