[5/5] Who is CEO & Founder of Younix? And why should you believe him?

….(continues) as I told you in the last article…: We have created amazing contents for you Gym Owners that you can’t even imagine, believe me.

NO one till now has ever provided such a comprehensive guide to open a gym that includes Training & Business knowledge in such a simple format.

We have created a simple system for the education that includes Seminars, E-learning and ongoing education through our Membership Site:

Performance Enhancement Secrets:

the step-by-step guide to mastering injury prevention-driven strength & conditioning training and programming.

Our manual is a complete system that combines physical and mental training and its application in the gym. It incorporates client evaluation and detailed warm-ups to mobility and flexibility work, strength training, speed training, endurance training, recovery methods, mindset and nutrition, all of which are based on a comprehensive evaluation process. A video format of this manual will be soon available on our membership site where you can learn it at your own peace or easily read it and study it on a paper version.

Younix® Performance App:

the most comprehensive online platform, both Desktop and App version for your Dream Gym, where we do provide training templates, both paper and video version, and programming including an extensive video library with more than 1.000 innovative exercises made with our equipment.

We’ll guide you or your Trainers to run successful classes leaving anything to chance. Introducing a new verified and tested Method of training will help you get control over your Trainers and your Clients.

Gym Building Secrets:

a step-by-step Guide to building a profitable and sustainable Performance Gym.

It will help you become one of the most visited and profitable performance gyms in your area. It presents a combination of some of the most successful fitness business concepts, enhanced by the two decades of fitness business practice in the field. The Younix gym operating system Identifies Six Key Pillars That Every Gym Business Needs To Focus On. We’ll go through important Pillars such as Purpose, People, Product, Positioning, Process, Profit.

Gym Marketing Box:

This is a set of 4 Manuals contains the no BS information to run your Gym as a real Company and start making money from it.


Your gym business needs a specific reason why the customers you are targeting - the avatar you are communicating your message to - should prefer your gym over the others competing on the same local market.

Hook, Story, Offer:

Grab their attention by telling a story that sells Learn how to get someone’s attention.

Tell them a story that builds belief, emotion, and trust.

Sell them something they want that’s absolutely irresistible.

Gym Referrals:

Duplicate your member base at no expenses.

If your gym business delivers superior service and experience that helps your members achieve the results and transformations they were looking to get when they joined your gym, they will start talking about you with their colleagues, friends and family.

Member Reactivation:

The simplest, fastest and cheapest marketing tool.

Your hidden treasure are all your members who for some reason have stopped visiting your gym. They have already bought something from you in the past and should be your main targeted audience because they have already expressed their preference towards you

If this is not enough you can have our Mentorship programs where an expert will follow you along all the process of building up a sustainable and profitable gym. Marketing, sales, proven strategies to skyrocket your gym to the success. Our experts will help you design a winning business model, write up a business plan, systemize the core processes and implement them thoroughly. You will become diligent in terms of the business side of your new venture.

Remember ~Contact.FirstName~: You only and always have three choices in any situation: change, accept or leave. Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. We together could be those who have planted the tree. You have the opportunity to raise your hand and become the owner of the next successful gym.


If you are willing to get in the game, whether you are a small business owner or you have a chain of millionaire gyms, you always need a Mentor who perfectly defines the steps to take to have a successful performance gym.

⚠️ All you have to do is shatter your old system – take it behind the shed and put it out of its misery…

✅… and create a NEW system that predictably generates the results you want

Click on this link

and discover more about what we can do for you, then pout your f*cking email and phone number and JUMP!


Sincerely yours in Sport

Umberto Avino

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