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The Ultimate Bar Guaranteed For Life

What makes Younix Olympic Bar
your best choice?

Best Whip Ever

The right elasticity of the 216,000 PSI steel helps you lift much more weight during the heavy lifts. The robotic construction along with a double c-clips closure will make sure the sleeves stay on the bar forever.

Harmless Grip

The special diamond knurling process will gives you a safe and positive grip for maximum control. The 1,2 mm pattern won’t shred up your hands.

Smooth Spin & Safety

Eight Needle Precision German Bearings will give you a quieter, smoother spin and a more reliable turnover at maximum loads. Avoid wrist stress and increase the possibility to catch the bar during the Olympic lifts.

No Rust Finishing

No other finishing on the planet can beat the Hard Chrome. It features the best protection against rust, sweat and chalk.

Official Lifting Specs

The bar has Dual Knurl Mark to respect IWF and IPF specifications. We removed the central knurl to avoid scraping your chest during high reps.

Is This Bar Good For Me?

This Men’s bar weights 20kg and is 220 cm long. It is 28 mm in diameter, much more suitable for male hands. It is the best choice for beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

The Younix Olympic Bar had passed all our rigorous tests. We provide lifetime warranty against evidence of change in positioning, loosening, bending and cracking of any components of our bar.

Money-back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Welcome to Younix’s worry-free shopping. If your equipment hasn’t arrived or isn’t as described, contact us within 14-days and get your money back.

3 Reasons you should have it

Save money

Buy cheap, buy twice! The Younix bar was designed by professionals and engineered to last forever. If anything happens just contact us and we will send you a new bar, no questions asked. It’s that simple.

Satisfied users

Get a multi-purpose bar that will satisfy the needs of different users. Our bar is made for both the Olympic lifts and the big three as it performs well for both. Yes, we know how awesome that is. We’ve got you.

Safety & Reliability

A performance gym needs a reliable bar that can handle infinite drops and abuse and can still maintain its original shape. When you place a bar into a client’s hands you need to be 100% sure that it won’t fail them.

Younix Olympic Bar 20kg Specifications

  • Bar type: Men's bar
  • Bar use: Weightlifting, Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, Multi-purpose
  • Bar weight: 20kg
  • Bar length: 220cm
  • Loadable sleeve length: 41,6cm
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Knurl: Multi
  • Tensille strength: 216,000 PSI
  • Shaft coating: Hard crome
  • Sleeve coating: Hard crome
  • Sleve design: Snap ring
  • Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime against evidence of changes in position, loosening, bending or cracking of components. Normal wear and tear, which does not affect performance, may occur with repeated use and is not covered by the warranty.
  • Warnings: Never store the bar loaded. Make sure that the bar is stored on non-abrasive material such as plastic, rubber or nylon. To avoid the rust clean the chalk out of the knurling on a daily basis.