Full Suspension Training System To Improve Bodyweight And Gymnastic Capabilities

What makes Younix Competition Wooden Rings
your best choice?

Design & Shape

We have used a birch wood to build our rings so they last forever. A 28 mm diameter wood ring is the same used in the International Gymnastic Federation. Each set of rings come with 38 mm heavy duty nylon strap with a high climbing grade aluminum carabiner, to withstand up to 2.500 kg each.

Friendly Feel & Grip

The FIG specs recommend a 28 mm diameter for the ring. This makes it easier to grip or false gripe during training. The birch wood gives rings a natural and light feel that you can't get from plastic or steel rings. You can use them with or without chalk.

Easy to adjust

Each set of wooden rings comes with the heavy duty nylon straps that don’t have any kind of buckle, just a high grade climbing carabiner enabling a quick set up and easy adjustments. You can regulate your rings up to 2,4 meters hanging from the ceiling.


The Competition Wooden Rings come with 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Damages resulting from abuse, misuse, wear and tear, customer modification, exposure to caustic substances are not covered by warranty.

Money-back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Welcome to Younix’s worry-free shopping. If your equipment hasn’t arrived or isn’t as described, contact us within 14 days and get your money back.

3 Reasons you should get Wooden Rings

Build strength

Nothing can match the instability of the rings, along with the combination of various movements you can perform. You will develop significant amount of upper body strength and control and you will be able to demonstrate strength on another level. 

Train anywhere

These rings are a full suspension training system that can be used in any strength and conditioning facility, home gym or even outdoors. You can hang them at the ceiling, brackets, cross members of Rigs or on a tree outdoor. Just find a stable tree branch and get the work done. 


In terms of space requirements and portability, hardly anything can compare to the great workout you’ll get from this easy-to-carry and simple piece of old school equipment.

Younix Competition Wooden Rings Specifications

  • Material: Natural birch wood
  • Rings diameter: 28mm (International Gymnastics Federation standard)
  • Straps material: Heavy duty nylon
  • Straps model: Competition model with carabiners at both ends
  • Straps length: 240cm from the hanging point down to the base
  • Set includes: 2x wooden rings, 2x competition straps, 4x carabiner
  • Warranty: 2 years against manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tears are not covered by the warranty.
  • Warnings: Wooden rings should never be stored outdoors or used in rain.