Protection Offered by Flexibility

The elastic material composition of this floorings protects joints and ligaments during sports, workouts as well as supporting sports performance. Extreme Rolls are the perfect flooring for professional and leisure athletes and can be used in fitness clubs and training facilities.

Extremely Durable

The viscoelastic consistency of this floor provides effective protection against heavy, blunt loads, against sharp points and edges, and against constant heavy loads. It is ideal for areas where dumbbells and barbells may be dropped on the floor, where heavy equipment places an excess load on the floor. Extreme rolls can bear heavy loads and withstand hard knocks and. 

Extreme Performance Rolls Specifications

  • Material: Recycled rubber
  • Finishing: Smooth
  • Thickness: 6 mm +/- 2% or 8 mm +/- 2% or 10 mm +/- 2%
  • Width: 125 cm +/- 2%
  • Length Max: 1000 cm +/- 2%
  • According to TS EN ISO 527-4 standard: The tensile strength should be 70-76 N/m2.
  • According to TS 659 A wear test: The wear value should be 0.042-0.043mm.
  • Standard certificate: UL94 International Non-Flammability Standard certificate. 
  • ISO 10002: 2014 Certificate