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What makes Younix Half Safety Bars
your best choice?

Design & Compatibility

Each Half Safety Bar is made out of the same steel as we use for our rigs and rack. We wanted to maintain the same quality of construction and the same powder coating finishing. Easy to install, no bolts are required, They are fully compatible with our Rigs, Racks, and also Cable and lever Machines.


Sold in pairs, half safety bars are tested up to 1.000kg. These arms will save you from any no-lift and will catch the bar before falling on the ground or, even worse, on you. You can also use them to start your deadlift, clean, or snatch from the knees. 

Plastic inserts

The plastic insert at the top will prevent rust on the arms and will make sure you don’t ruin the knurling and chrome on your bar. And the plastic in the brackets will keep the upright of the rig or rack unscratched.

Keyless attachment

The kit comes with our special hand-screwed bolts where no key is required. Just a rotational move to attach the half safety and then secure it by a simple hand twist. choose the ideal height by entering it into any hole of the upright.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Our Half Safety Bars have a lifetime warranty on the frame while wear and tears are not included in the LT formula. Nylon insert can be damaged by repeated drops and must be replaced after a while.

Money-back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Welcome to Younix’s worry-free shopping. If your equipment hasn’t arrived or isn’t as described, contact us within 14-days and get your money back.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Free delivery when you spend 299 EUR for countries in ZONE 1 and 599 EUR for countries in ZONE 2. See our shipping zone map here.

3 Reasons you should get Half Safety Bars

Partial reps

You can adjust the half safety bars to any height on the rack or rig uprights. This gives you the ability to precisely train and target a specific part of your chosen exercise.

Dead squat variations

Concentric-only muscle actions, with no negative loading phase, offer huge gains in rate of force development. There is no stretch shortening cycle to help you. You must develop tension in the muscle quickly if you want to get the bar moving.


The best part of half safety bars is not only that you are safer, but also the peace of mind that comes from that. You can add that extra weight to the bar or attempt to push through one more rep, because the bars guarantee that you won’t end up stuck under the bar.

Half Safety Bars Specifications

  • Designed: Italy
  • Material: iTALIAN Steel
  • Inner material: Polyethylene on the main surface that will prevent scratches when you drop the barbell. Polyethylene in the bracket to prevent wear and tear on the upright.
  • Finish: Matt wrinkle black powder coated
  • Tubing size: Fits on all our Rigs & Racks or to 80 x 80 mm tubing with 26 mm holes.
  • Tubing thickness: 4mm
  • Plate thickness: 10mm
  • Height: 37cm
  • Landing Space: 62cm
  • Width: 9,5cm
  • Length: 73,5cm
  • Set includes: 2x Half Safety Bars, 2x Selection Pin
  • Load Capacity: 1000kg
  • Frame Warranty: Lifetime against bending or cracking of the steel frame
  • Inner material warranty: 2 Years against manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tears are not covered by the warranty. The Polyethylene material is subject to wear due to the repeated rubbing of the barbell and it may require complete replacement when it does not perform its damage prevention function.