GREEN MONSTER - NIZZA, Personal suite room & Small Group

GREEN MONSTER - NIZZA, Personal suite room & Small Group

100% Unconventional Training

Andrea Federico Ingrao expertly applied modern design to an unconventional 100 sq mt Performance Gym where they host Small Group and Personal training classes.

This High Ticket Gym borns in a little city in the north of Italy, between Genoa and Turin, with a bit more than 10.000 people.

Andrea has been able to discern the pleasure and pride of having a gym in a big city with the real possibility, instead, of Positioning yourself as a gym with premium services in a smaller and less flashy town but rich in high spending people.

He has been able to Differentiate his gym from the Competition by creating a Premium Service dedicated to those who want to feel pampered in a restricted environment, outside the box and out of prying eyes.

Results? He's almost fully booked after the Grand Opening.

Long-life to those who think outside of the box and have a clear idea on how to be DIFFERENT.

If you don't know how to Position your Gym, Differentiate yourself from the mass and start getting a profitable and sustainable gym like Andrea Federico Ingrao you better give a look here:


Green Monster - Nizza
Via Trento 2 - Nizza Monferrato
📞 Coach Arianna: +39 334 613 9036
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